Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The first illness of the school year has struck my home. *SIGH* I wonder how long it'll take to get thru this one, and to what symptoms I have to look forward. DD and DS2 are running fevers. I really hope that's it.

On the bright side, I found a fun widget on Joy Kuoha's blog~ again. She seems to have as much fun stuff as freebies! You have to scroll down to the bottom to see it~ I couldn't get it to work in a regular post.

I did create 1 LO so far this week. Slow again!

It's for Emma, who's trying to become the Next Digitals Design Star over at, aka Digitals. I made this using her kit, Grunge Delight. I used one of ScrapGirls' torn paper templates, but she has her own in the kit.

Background~ My dad passed away when I was 9, and I'm the oldest child, so I remember the most about him. My mom finally gave me some pictures of him so I can see what he was like even before I was born! This way I can fuse what I know with what I didn't know so my children can get to know him. Make sense? I didn't think so, LOL!