Thursday, January 31, 2008

Addition and Another Freebie

I meant to include PSD versions of the alpha beads and wordart in the original zips, BUT they didn't make it. I know I'd like to easily recolor the wordart! Just call me the absentminded mom! If you'd like them (easier to work with then the PNGs, in my opinion) then here you go!
Bead/Wordart PSDs

Another freebie I created is part of a collab kit over at My Scrap Shop (MSS). Members of the forums there could take the challenge to create a few or a lot of pieces using a particular color scheme. I must say I'm impressed by the contributions! To see all the kits, go here. To collect the pieces, go to the forums at MSS.

Part of my contribution:

You can snag it HERE.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Finally It's Ready!

After the crash, and stress, and family issues, I've finished my new kit, Angel Baby. I dedicate it to my son Max, who was stillborn less than a week before his due date. I searched all digiscrapping sites I could think of for a kit related to misscarriage/infant loss, but couldn't find any (except for beautiful wordart by Sue Jones~ thanks Sue!). The wordart has different poems and sayings related to miscarriage/infant loss, but everything else in it can be used especially for babies. Please enjoy, and if you've suffered a loss like mine, remember that you're not the only one and there are many organizations and websites dedicated to working one's way through this very special kind of grief. (((HUGS)))

And the freebie:

Most drop shadows are shown in preview only. All papers are shown. Buttons, brads, photo turns, ribbons, and bows come in all 5 colors. Please don't link directly to 4Shared, but refer friends to my blog. :)

Download here:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's baaaaaaaaaaack!!!

I am soooooooooooo happy to have my own computer back! After 11 days of being broken, 7 of those in the shop, I can play digitally again! Of course it's a pain to organize the hard drive with its new stuff and the stuff from the old drive, which appears to be all intact. It IS a good opportunity to clean and purge though~ I imagine if my old drive was a room, it would look like my 9-year-old's room before I spent 4 hours cleaning it last Saturday.

And finally I can leave a tiny teaser of the kit I was working on before all the drama:

Hopefully I can finish it up soon, but first I need to do some CT work. Poor Chris, Emma, Michelle, Elizabeth, and Colleen I've been neglecting!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Fixed? We'll See.

After 3 days of (im)patiently waiting for my 'puter to be fixed, we found out what the problem was. Evidently the HD has some bad sectors on it. So they are going to image the drive then junk it, and sell us a new one. Here's my translation (I am geek but not THAT geek): my hard drive has some rotten pieces, so they're going to copy what they can off of it, trash it and replace it with a new one. It's a relief, because this was the cheapest of possibilities. The others were that the memory or Windows was bad (my brother, the "real" geek, affectionately calls it "Windblows).

All I can say is I will be doing the happy dance only when I have it back in my hot little hands. Then the real fun will begin~ seeing what I have to reload/replace. YAY!

While I was suffering from separation anxiety, I created with paper! My pictures are horrible~ my camera has developed this annoying *even longer* shutter lag. Picture the Yahoo emoticon ripping its hair out and dropping it. It's amazing I haven't developed an ulcer, LOL!

And since I'm in the habit of giving credit, the paper and elements are by Close to My Heart, the mini (6x9) clipboard by Oriental Trading, pail from Michaels.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Still looking for a sledgehammer

Well now my lovely rock disguised as a computer case is with the fixit guys. Hopefully they can track down the problem and rescue my files. I am not optimistic.

I had hoped to be sharing a new kit with everyone today, but it's stuck on the dead 'puter. I will share that it's baby-themed, specifically for infant loss/miscarriage. It's personal, and if I lose that kit it may be like losing my baby boy all over again. I'm praying for recovery. :)

On the other hand, I found a fun new widget~ it's a fish tank. If you move your mouse over it, the fish will swim after it. If you click, 3 pellets show up and they devour them. It's addicitve! Find it at the very bottom of my blog. ;)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Anyone got a sledgehammer?

I am VERY irritated at my computer! For the last 3 days it's been threatening to crash on me, and finally yesterday, while I was chatting with my mom, it did. All my digiscrap files and software are there, and I hope my hard drives are OK~ DH's laptop is nice enough, but it's not mine, ya know?

So to pass the time and have some fun, I took a Blogthing quiz. I dunno about this one, but if it gives someone out there a good chuckle, then hey, it was worth the 2 minutes I spent on it. :)

Your Theme Song is Back in Black by AC/DC

"Back in black, I hit the sack,
I've been too long, I'm glad to be back"

Things sometimes get really crazy for you, and sometimes you have to get away from all the chaos.
But each time you stage your comeback, it's even better than the last!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The only work I feel like doing

First off, I've brought out another freebie! This one I've actually had done for 2 months but I've been waiting for the right time of year. ;) I call it Pink Love:


Not all elements are shown, and drop shadows are only for the preview (for most anyway). Please send friends to my blog instead of hotlinking to 4Shared. Thank you, and enjoy!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Winter Weather

The last 2 days in my corner of the southeastern US have been heavenly. For me, anyway. :) The daily highs were 38 degrees F, with lows in the teens. These kinds of days remind me, ever so slightly, of growing up in Alaska, without the snow and long nights of course. So I felt like playing with Colleen Shibley's Chilly Days kit (collab with Neverland Scraps and Connie Prince).

For this one, I also used a page template by The Scrappy Times. I love capturing my oldest son and DD together. She has him wrapped around her little finger. :)

I used a page template by Yin for this one. Luckily it warmed up a couple of days into our vacation, and we could really enjoy the beach. :)

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I get to . . .

. . . be a January guest CT member for Colleen Shibley! She's a fabulous designer over at Gotta Pixel. I'm so excited to work with her and play with her designs. Thanks Colleen!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My First Freebie!

I had this bizarre thought yesterday, why not create my own kit? (I'm not a professional designer ROFLOL!) After 2 afternoons of on and off work, I am ready to share what my concept of New Year's is. Please leave me comments, send me feedback , and I'd love to see any layouts done with this. Thanks! :)


The background is white to show off the 2 gold and silver overlays. There are also 8 elements and 4 pieces of word art. Drop shadows are only on preview.