Friday, September 28, 2007

Laugh til it hurts . . .

I got this great YouTube video by e-mail today from one of my friends. I laughed so hard because it's all true!!! It got yanked because it was copyrighted material~ but it was a woman singing words that moms say all day ("because I said so," etc.), and condensing it to about 3 minutes. The music was the William Tell Overture (aka the "Lone Ranger" song).

It reminded me of another one I saw a few months ago, so I had to check it out again. I laughed so hard that I cried!!! Mom My Ride

It's been a slow but busy week for me, but I STILL SCRAPPED bwah ha ha ha! Here are a couple for Michelle using her Hope, Fruit of the Spirit kit:

This kit inspires quiet contemplation~ the colors and textures are very soothing and easy to work with. :D