Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fun to Do!

It's been a loooooooooooooooooong month full of digiscrapping and neglecting housework, LOL! A few interesting random bits of news:

I am a guest CT for the marvelous Paula Yagisawa this month! It's been great fun playing with her designs~ and since I still have a few days left, you'll see more of them. Check her out at Gotta Pixel.

I've added a list of my post labels down on the right side. So if you'd like to see all my free*bies, you can click there. :) Yay me!

There's a fun "time waster" aka game DS #1 heard about in band, of all places. It's called Presidential Paintball (link down on the right side). So if you're feeling a bit annoyed at the choice of presidential candidates out there (like I am) then try some virtual paintball and get 'em good!

This is my beautiful DD around the age of 1~ she loves wide open spaces where she can just RUN! I used Pillowgirl’s Berry Lime kit, stitching by Natali and a page template by Choukette. Title font is Hannah, appropriately enough.

I didn’t realize how much my DD loved strawberries until we took a family trip to a U-Pick strawberry field! She really gets into them! I used Paula Yagisawa’s and Christina Wall’s kit Cherry Delight and a page template by Sir Scrapalot.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sparking It!

I joined about 2 weeks ago, and boy has it done me some good! You can get a free personalized diet and/or healthy lifestyle plan. It helps me to track all my food and exercise, so I can see where I'm messing up! I seriously love it there! The link to my individual page is

Another freebie for y'all! It coordinates with my Cherry Blossom kit and includes ribbons, textured brads and a paper not included in the kit.

Drop shadows are in preview only. Please don't hotlink to 4shared, but send your friends here. Thanks! And now here is your link!


More work! It's been nice to flex my digi muscles some more. :)

My DD just loves these baby swings! I guess she feels more secure in them than the traditional kind, though she’ll settle for those when no baby ones are available. I used Paula Yagisawa’s True Love kit and a page template by Nicole Shepard.

Finally I digiscrapped DD’s birth! She doesn’t look very pretty here, but she was (and still is) beautiful! I used Seebee’s Country Sweetheart kit, an action by Atomic Cupcake and a template by Megadoodle.

This is a beautiful shot DH took one night while camping with our sons. He has a gift for capturing sunrises and sunsets! I used Michelle Pieters’ Iris Kit and a template by Malily.

We spent Thanksgiving 2007 at a friend’s house, and most of DH’s family was able to be there! Loved every minute of it. I used Michelle Pieters’ Iris kit, an action by Atomic Cupcake and a page template by Celine.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Night and where am I?

Not where I wanna be, that's for sure, LOL!

I've been working on some new ideas here and there, along with more scrapping. It's a mad mad world out there and I've got pictures to prove it!

This is a great man I miss very much~ I had to express my sorrow. :) The page template is by HexichenLeia, but the paper and most elements~ I just can't find the kit is used, so if anyone out there knows, please tell me (I looked in my files for 45 minutes!).

A few pix of DH (and me) from the last 2 years. Aren’t we so cute? I used Seebee’s Whimsey Seasons paper, template from her Country Sweetheart kit, and a swirl from her It’s a Swirl World set.

Scenes from my very own wedding day! 1, 2, 3 SMILE! I used Michelle Pieters’ With Love kit and a piece from Words of Love. I also used a frame cluster by Lindsay Jane Designs.

My DD loves horses and ponies, so My Little Ponies are a perfect fit! She got this huge one for Christmas. I used Michelle Pieters’ With Love kit and a piece from Words of Love. I also used a page template by Lindsay Jane Designs and actions by Atomic Cupcake.

I love these pictures of my parents’ early married life~ so in love and so fun! I used Paula Yagisawa’s True Love kit. I also used a page template by Andrea Gold, frames by Sunscrap, and actions by Atomic Cupcake.

Thanks for looking! More later.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

While my computer was down, I didn't get to digiscrap AT ALL! The HORROR! I tried loading a trial version of PSE6 (I use 4 on my machine) onto DH's laptop. It would edit photos just fine, but when I tried creating paper, it didn't have the RAM to save it! :P So I got way behind. Now you may very a few of my catchup pages.

This is one of my many nephews, only this guy is still small and cute! I used Seebee's Frames of Interest, a page template by Michi S, paper and elements by K Fredericks, and actions by Atomic Cupcake.

This is my Marine brother and his then-girlfriend. She's now his fiancee. :) I used Seebee's Whimsey paper, a page template by Choukette, an action by Atomic Cupcake, and hardware by Herald.

I love preschoolers' birthday parties! Everyone had fun, even if it doesn't look like it here. I used Michelle Pieters' Sweet Giggles paper and elements and a page template by Yin.

DD and her next oldest brother share a fun moment~ this doesn't happen often with these two. I used Sweet Giggles paper and elements by Michelle Pieters, frame by MM, page curl by Redju, and an action by Atomic Cupcake.

Thanks for looking! :)