Friday, September 21, 2007

My Brother, My Hero

My brother Jon just returned form several months in Iraq. I know there are things he did that he'll never tell me about, but that's ok. I'm an AF wife, so I understand that. ;) Anyway, here he is!

Sadly, single gals, he's taken. :D That's his girlfriend and my mom below.
I was fortunate that I got to chat with him several times via IM. Shortly before he left the desert, he told me about his girlfriend, who's strong, independent and fun. He told me she reminds him of ME! WOW I was surprised! He said he's always looked up to me and I'm kind of a hero (I'm 6 years older than him). WOW. I almost cried! This big, tough, knows-15-ways-to-kill-someone-with-his-bare-hands Marine looks up to me.

That's really something, because I'm a full foot shorter than he is, if not more. Don't let the big, bad Marine stereotype fool ya~ they're all teddy bears inside. :D