Friday, June 13, 2008

Where has the time gone?

It seems like 2 days ago I found out I'd be moving this summer, then yesterday that I'd definitely be moving and now moving is nearly upon me! Next week my life will get packed up and trucked out. Usually I'm present for this (like the last 5 times) but this year I'll be camping with young women from my church! Cool eh? DH and oldest DS will get to watch the packers to make sure they don't stack bowls without cushioning or box up the trash (this does happen LOL!). I'll sure miss my computer, but I'll have it for a couple more weeks before I have to pack it in my car. :)

I have a couple of new kits out, but not in the stores yet. ;) I've put a coordinating freebie for 1 in an earlier blog post, since it's a variation on the original kit- go HERE to see it. :)