Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm a bum

Here I am not updating like I should! Now I'm ROFLMBO at myself. Been hard at work doing actual HOUSEWORK! It's amazing, really. Between last night ans this morning, I rattled off 4 LO's which I'll post later, but now I have to get these others out. ;)

This on features Seebee's new Opulence Kit. It's pure opulence all right! Gorgeous, rich purples and blues, with a touch of rustic in the wrought iron embellies. This page sums up my experience at the 2006 Close to My Heart convention. Opulent!

I've had these pix for almost 2 years, sitting around waiting for this kit! It's one of Michelle Pieters' newest, called Summer's Sunset. Gorgeous, earthy fall tones!

I was scratchin' my head wondering what other pix I could pair with Summer's Sunset when I came upon these in an older folder, and the idea for this LO popped into my head! In the pic with 3 boys~ only the character in the middle is mine. The other 2 are rambunctious nephews. :)