Thursday, August 28, 2008


It's been flippin' ages since I posted or even felt like it. Moving kinda took most of my energy, when I had internet access. :P I'm close to being settled into my new home:

It's nice and big and ours for 9 months- then we have to move again, but in the local area.

I've been working a few new projects, but nothing's in my store yet. Oh yeah, Erika's Digital Scrapbook has closed so for now I'm exclusive to Studio Style Designs. Speaking of SSD, there is a FABULOUS sale going on over there this weekend:

Pop on over and check it out!

This is a cool little doodad I found one day while surfing:

Alphabet Block a Educational Block J S Educational Block R A N Dismantled Neon Letter Copper Uppercase Letter O M S C R McElman_071026_2472_A P S22

I don't remember what website I found it on, but it takes your name and spells it out with pictures of letters found on signs, etc. Like the "P" is from the Caesar's Palace sign in Las Vegas. Very cool!

And with that, I leave you for now. ;)