Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fun to Do!

It's been a loooooooooooooooooong month full of digiscrapping and neglecting housework, LOL! A few interesting random bits of news:

I am a guest CT for the marvelous Paula Yagisawa this month! It's been great fun playing with her designs~ and since I still have a few days left, you'll see more of them. Check her out at Gotta Pixel.

I've added a list of my post labels down on the right side. So if you'd like to see all my free*bies, you can click there. :) Yay me!

There's a fun "time waster" aka game DS #1 heard about in band, of all places. It's called Presidential Paintball (link down on the right side). So if you're feeling a bit annoyed at the choice of presidential candidates out there (like I am) then try some virtual paintball and get 'em good!

This is my beautiful DD around the age of 1~ she loves wide open spaces where she can just RUN! I used Pillowgirl’s Berry Lime kit, stitching by Natali and a page template by Choukette. Title font is Hannah, appropriately enough.

I didn’t realize how much my DD loved strawberries until we took a family trip to a U-Pick strawberry field! She really gets into them! I used Paula Yagisawa’s and Christina Wall’s kit Cherry Delight and a page template by Sir Scrapalot.