Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wide Wide World of ?

The last few days have been a kind of foggy haze for me. My DD has been waking up around 3 am the past few nights. We haven't figured out why exactly, only that she demands stories, potty stops, extra blankies, etc. So if I make even less sense than usual, that's why. I did have 2 naps, but I'm not sure how much they've helped.

There have been bright spots! I've been able to play with Michelle's Misty Blue kit. It's fantastic!

(For this bottom one, I based my design heavily on a template~ there's no name on the file, but I love it!) B&W's look sooooo fab with Misty Blue! Zip over to Gotta Pixel and snag it!

And for a little fun:

Your Halloween Costume Should Be

An Alien