Wednesday, October 10, 2007


That's kind of what I feel like these days. I'd love to stay in bed all day tomorrow and just sleep.

Last night I went to Cub Scouts, which was depressing since only 1 boy showed up. I left for home and heard a loud noise outside the car. After a few minutes, I pulled over at a school and discovered my left-front tire was flat. I'm 25 min. from home at this point. I checked the spare and it looks like it was slashed (blew up from too much heat this summer). Thank goodness for divine assistance! My cell phone battery didn't die as I was dealing with DH and roadside assistance. So I got home over 2 hours after I normally do, and the car got towed to a fixit place.

Another item I need to get off my mind is DS #1's adjustment to middle school. He's fairly shy and doesn't take change well, thus when he's having trouble, he won't ask for help. He's very smart, and is technically a year ahead (late birthday). Yet I see F's coming home on his progress reports. I'm dumbfounded. So we've talked to teachers and the school counselor, and hope we can encourage him as much as possible without stifling him. 11 is hard enough without parents' coddling.

OK I guess that's enough about me. I have a couple of things done for Emma, who's having a rough time. (((HUGS))) Emma!!! This first one is from her Footprints on My Heart- Boy kit.:

This is from her Little Black Dress kit, which she currently has up as a freebie on her website!

I'll put out full credits for those later. I'm tired and I wanna go to bed. :D


Nicole said...

Aw hon, when it rains it pours sometimes. I'm glad you did make it home ok! I hope your week gets much better - at least the phone battery didn't die :)