Monday, October 6, 2008

New Look, New Stores!

A few days ago I decided to change the look of my blog- so much was getting lost in the old template's background. After searching for hours, I found this gorgeous one that fits my needs! Thank you anniebluesky! The link to her blog and templates is at the very bottom of this page.

One thing holding me back from posting was a few computer crashes. Yes, this new machine of mine crashed at least twice last month, leaving me frustrated. Thanks to a smart repair dude, I have a new video card- the old one was the source of my problem, grrrr. Because of my stinky video card, I had to drop out of the SAS designer contest. Oh well, there's always last year, and the winners of the contest are talented indeed!

I have joined 2 new stores! One is Creative Scraps and the other is Haven Designz DigiScraps. They are both tremendously fun places and feature lots of talented ladies! Check them out!

And yes, I do have new products coming out soon! It's not the designing I get hung up on, but the organizing for the various stores LOL! Will post previews as soon as I can :)