Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's almost here!

To celebrate the arrival of Christmas, here's something I did last week (I'd show more, but that would spoil my mom's Christmas surprise. HI MOM!!!):

The photo was taken a year and a half before my father passed away, and is one of my favorite Christmas memories. I used Seebee's Festive Christmas paper pack and one of her swirls from It's a Swirl World. I also used beads and wire from ScrapGirls and a page template by Andrea Gold.

Speaking of memories (I'm waxing nostalgic), I think I'll share one more. Clear the kiddos from the room because this is a SANTA SPOILER!

The first Christmas after my father passed away, my mom brought me in on the secret (I was 9). Santa needed an elf. I don't recall being disappointed, but thrilled that I got to sneek out of bed after everyone was asleep and stay up late. How cool is that for a 9-year-old? We'd wrap presents, put out the candy, and stay up and watch the old A Christmas Carol. I loved those nights!

Oh well, time for bed. See y'all later!