Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Is stubborness inherited?

I have 3 children. They each have unique personalities~ likes, dislikes, habits, quirks, etc. But they each share a healthy dose of STUBBORNESS. I myself am "immovable" about certain things (alone time, don't bug me while I'm working), as is their father (do what I say when I say it). So with that in mind, here's my rant.

DS #1 is almost 11, and in the grips of that mercurial stage know as pre-teen. Both DS's take turns doing the dishes each night. If they don't, they have to do them the next day, which is nice for the DS whose turn it would be. DS #1 didn't do it last night, and last night's dinner generated LOTS of dishes. So now it's 2 PM and he's just getting started. I've had to turn his friends away at the door twice because he hadn't started yet. I hate doing that, because DS needs all the social interaction he can get (introvert like me).

DS #2 has ADHD (another subject for another time) so we can usually blame his behavior on "oh I forgot to give him his medecine." DD is 3 and a girl so she needs no explanation (as anyone with a 3-year-old and/or girl can confirm).

So what do I do with my pre-teen? Well, here's my new mantra: when life hands you a pre-teen, hand him/her a digicam. He's actually a decent photographer and I can delete what sucks. Too bad I can't delete parts of his personality. (above pic was taken by him)